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Sat, Jul. 15th, 2006, 05:07 am
bonniegrrl: The [Kaiburr] Crystal Method

When The Crystal Method's Scott Kirkland first saw A New Hope as a small child in a packed theater one summer evening in 1977, he discovered a fantastical galaxy full of droids, stormtroopers and cantina aliens that would forever change how he gazed upon the night sky.

"No memory is as powerful as the first time I saw Star Wars," Kirkland says. "My parents took me to see it on my seventh birthday. It was amazing; I remember being hypnotized by the screen. The themes of good and evil strike to the core of every human being and the characters George Lucas created stay with you. For me Star Wars fed my imagination. The night I walked out of the movie theater in the summer of 1977, I looked at the stars in a very different way. The minute it was over I begged my parents to bring me back. I think I saw it about ten times that summer."

After seeing the original trilogy, Kirkland says he felt inspired to let his dreams influence his future as a budding musician, so much so that years later he made sure to thank filmmaker George Lucas in his liner notes. "Episodes IV-VI are how I got hooked," Kirkland says. "Seeing A New Hope ignited my imagination. I realized at an early age to expand my thought and dreams beyond that little movie theater in Las Vegas. That's why I thanked George Lucas on our first album Vegas."

Read the full interview here:
The [Kaiburr] Crystal Method

Sun, May. 6th, 2007 11:33 am (UTC)
lll_marvin_lll: The crystal method

its a very nice music))))